Government of Uttar Pradesh


Biotechnology: Infrastructure & Capability Development in the State

Biotechnology, a frontier of science offers enormous possibilities of its use as a premium precision tool for the welfare of society and creation of wealth for sustainable commercial and socio-economic development. The sweep of biotechnology is quite vast as it embraces many sectors of the global economy with the potential to answer the pressing problems of immense growth in population, need for increased food, medicine, energy generation to clean environment. Biotechnology provides tangible solutions for human problems. Medical and agricultural industries can meet the challenges posed by increasing population, changing land use, environmental pressures and diseases.
Realizing the tremendous relevance of biotechnology in the context of socio- economic progress of the state, a Biotech Policy-2014 has been chartered with an aim to introduce new developments in the field of Biotechnology. To promote the growth of Biotechnology industry, policy envisages several fiscal and financial incentives and single window mechanism for clearance their proposal. The State would encourage growth of R&D, development of human resources and resources in key areas like bioinformatics, plant and animal biotechnology by networking with the existing institutions, universities and medical institutes.


  • To facilitate Biotechnology Research and Innovation in frontier areas pertaining to the problems of the State.
  • To develop Human Resource in the area of Biotechnology
  • To create Biotechnology Infrastructure for development of biotechnology within the State.


  •  Financial assistance to R&D projects in various areas (Agri-Biotech, Bio-Pharma & Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, Environment & Bio-remediation, Bio-energy, Industrial Biotech., etc) of Biotechnology
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory for production of banana
  • Vermicomposting Demonstration Unit
  • Blue Green Algae Demonstration Unit
  • Biodiesel Demonstration Unit
  • Seed Processing Unit      

How to apply:

 Applications for R&D Projects, Young Scientists Scheme and CSTUP Summer Research Fellowship Program can be submitted online through
 Biotechnology Policy 2014: Click here to download