Government of Uttar Pradesh

Science Popularization

Science Popularization- Science for All


Uttar Pradesh is a vast state of huge population with 75 districts and 18 commissionaires.  The major problems of the state are illiteracy, non-scientific temperament, unemployment, pollution and poverty. Similarly, school going students do not take interest in Science at higher studies & scientific activities. This is the national problem. There is an urgent need to tackle these burning issues through scientific temper and input of useful Science & Technology in the State.  Keeping in view, Council of   Science & Technology, UP conducts various Science Awareness programmes and Science Popularization activities among common masses, especially school and college students.


The main objectives of Science Awareness and Popularization are to disseminate the scientific knowledge, to create scientific attitude and to develop scientific temper among masses in rural and urban areas. During past years Council of Science and Technology, UP has conducted the state-wide Vigyan Chetna Abhiyan and other major activities of science popularization in all districts to improve the living style of common masses. Science Popularization programmes of the council are continued since 1987.


  • Inculcating an interest in Science & Scientific Pursuits.
  • Demystification of False Social Beliefs.
  • Spread of awareness of the benefits of science relating them to familiar day -to-day    applications.


  • Strengthening of District Science Clubs in all Districts. (District level Science Action    Group under chairmanship of Distt. Magistrate, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh).
  • Demonstration and Explains of Scientific Miracles to demystify false social beliefs.
  • Science Awareness  Programmes on  safe drinking water, plastic, agriculture and  other waste / garbage   reuse and management, Health, Hygiene , Sanitation, Clean Environment etc. in rural  areas for common masses .
  • Science Popularization programmes in Schools /colleges and Vigyan Rallies.
  • District level children's science festival.
  • Industrial /Scientific Institutions' visits for science students.
  • Science Competitions on World Famous Indian Scientists (Ancient and Present).
  • Science & Technology Exhibition and Mela.
  • National Science Day and Science Award.
  • Puppetry, science writing, food adulteration, ScientificLearing & Teaching, Miracles of Science Experiments.
  • Financial support to Seminar, Symposium and Academic bodies/ Scientific Societies. Development of Science Films and Advertisement.   
  • Outreach programmes on Astronomical Events, Observations of Planets and Stars.
  • Science on Wheels -Vigyan Bus.